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Benefits of yoga

Whether you are sick or weak, young, old or even very old, you can succeed in yoga if you practice diligently – Svatmarama (Hatha Yoga Pradipika)

The benefits of yoga are multiple and too many to list on a webpage. Yoga can complement traditional medical care and provide a holistic emphasis on strengthening body and mind.

You do not need a condition to practice yoga – regular practice of yoga will help:

  • Increase flexibility, tone and strengthen muscles
  • Enhance sports performance and endurance
  • Relieve stress and anxiety related conditions
  • Prevent age related and life style conditions
  • Keep you living longer and healthier

For those who have health conditions or suffering chronic health issues, yoga can help you to feel better and reduce the symptoms. For those with depression or suffering from anxiety related illnesses, yoga will relieve the symptoms, for those who may be addicted to a substance or behaviour yoga can help towards and along the path of recovery.

Some of common conditions shown by scientific studies and self-reporting to benefit from the practice of yoga:

Addiction/Anxiety/Depression Fibromyalgia/ME symptoms
Asthma High Blood Pressure
Lower Back Pain/Arthritic Conditions Insomnia
Diabetes IBS/Digestive Disorders
Drug Withdrawal Migraines/Headaches/Sinusitis