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Corporate and Workplace Yoga

mybodymyoga can support your workplace vision for a more proactive, motivated and joined up team and to meet your H&S objectives. Regular workplace yoga classes will help your team in the following ways:

  • Enhanced teamwork and job satisfaction – more effective, motivated, empathetic and positive team members.
  • Reduced work related illness symptoms; back pain, neck, shoulder and headaches, high blood pressure.
  • Workload Organisation Management - through clarity of mind, increased focus and prioritisation.
  • Enhanced decision making from increased self-confidence and focus.

Please feel free to contact mybodymyoga if you would like more information about setting up a regular class in your organisation. No minimum size company you just need a group of at least 6 interested team members, a meeting room or safe space for the yoga mats and the teacher.

mybodymyoga provide all equipment and expertise.