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Customer Feedback

My motivation to teach is to share the positive benefits to mind, body and spirit and this feedback encourages me to grow mybodymyoga community, I hope it encourages you to join, continue or develop your practice further...

Health benefits since joining the class:

  • Regular headaches now gone and I am sleeping better.
  • My neck is not so still and painful which used to affect my sleep.
  • I have noticed how I always sleep better after yoga and I am calmer during the week.
  • I am sleeping better, I have reduced pain and relaxed muscles, I fell more energetic and have a better posture.
  • Improved flexibility - especially in my hips and I have reduced pain in my neck, shoulder and elbow.
  • Clearer mind, less anxious.
  • I have noticed that I am much more flexible in all areas and have increased muscle tone in my legs, stomach and arms.
  • I have more flexibility and have lost weight, I feel very proud that I am sticking to it and I always feel better the day after yoga!
  • My frozen shoulder is cured by doing regular yoga.
  • I have more flexibility, more stamina, stronger back muscles, improved posture and have lost weight!


"All of the classes are well thought out and offer a variety of different moves and postures"

"I love the way the classes are concentrated in a particular area e.g. when we worked through the chakras, upper body, shoulders etc, The classes are really well thought out... thank you for teaching such lovely classes."

"I just love yoga as it really improves your well being, it is my time in a busy life, just for me. Each week is different and worked out really well, I like it when Lorraine explains the benefits of the postures and how they are good for various ailments."

"I have loved every lesson that I have been too and never felt that I am too heavy, too inflexible or too new to try each posture. Lorraine really understands each person in the class and suggests alternatives for their needs, I could not recommend yoga more!"

"Lorraine, you are an inspirational teacher – a living embodiment of why everyone should do yoga! The reason I have stuck at yoga and no other exercise is that I do not want to let you down!"

"This class has made me love yoga and I will continue to do this as I get older."