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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yoga?

There are many types of Yoga and many different interpretations of Yoga. mybodymyoga is the practice of physical postures at different levels to suit your body as it is today with the aim of developing strength and flexibility whilst also uniting the body, mind and breath to relieve stress and create a feeling of self-control, inner peace and connectedness.

What are Asanas?

Asanas are the physical postures that are practiced during a yoga class or your personal session. Asanas can be bodily extension, flexion or twists and are practiced in conjunction with breathing control – they are not about how far you go but ‘how’ you go. As you practice more and connect with the breath, you cultivate strength, steadiness, ease, openness and feelings of space within the body.

What are the benefits of Yoga?

Far too numerous to list take a look at some of them on the here.

Is Yoga a form of belief or religion?

NO. Yoga is not a religious practice and it does not preach any particular faith. Yoga is open to everyone regardless of your faith. Yoga offers you the time to empty your busy mind and it can be your time to be spiritual and to connect with your own personal intentions and prayer.

Can I practice yoga if I have a pre-existing condition or injury?

There are very few conditions that would exclude you from practicing yoga, in fact in the majority of conditions yoga will help to relieve symptoms and aid recovery. Please advise mybodymyoga if you do have an injury or pre-existing condition before the class in order that we can look at any modifications that may be necessary in certain postures and what postures can help in particular. You may want to consider one to one classes to get targeted support for your particular condition or injury. If you are undergoing specific treatment for a condition you should consult your GP / specialist to discuss your yoga practice.

I am not flexible, cannot even touch my toes - will I be able to do anything in the class?

Yoga is for all physical abilities – it will increase your flexibility if that is your aim but there will be a variety of levels in the class and no one person’s yoga is better than another. The benefits are for all regardless of level of flexibility.

I am hyper mobile, can I still practice yoga safely?

People with enhanced flexibility or hypermobility do need to be cautious when practicing yoga not to over extend and risk injury. It is therefore to ensure that you attend classes with fully trained teachers who can offer educated guidance and support. Remember that it is also your responsibility to work safely and not to be tempted to push the boundaries. You can work as hard without over extending.

What should I wear?

Loose, comfortable clothing is advised, layers are useful to that you can add or remove layers through the practice and body temperature changes. The class is about the postures and not a fashion event so please do not feel you have to be in the latest designer yoga wear. If you hair is long it is advised to have it tied up so that is does not cause you unnecessary distraction.

I am keen to lose weight but feel self-conscious - will yoga help and will I be able to do the postures?

Yoga will undoubtedly help you on your weight loss journey. You do not have to be “fit” to commence the classes and there are many shapes and sizes in a class. If you sustain the practice and come to classes regularly you will notice your body getting more supple and firm as your muscles build and strengthen. You may also find that your will power increases as your mind becomes more focussed on your goals and you begin to love your body again. Your size will not be linked to your ability – you can always try in a one to one session as a taster too if that feels more comfortable.

What should I bring to class?

A mat if you have one, if not you can borrow one from mybodymyoga. A bottle of water, and a blanket or a warm layer and a pair of socks to wear during relaxation in the cooler months.

Are men welcome in the class?

Yes the more the merrier! So many more men are now enjoying yoga as the media has helped dispel the myth that this just a class of women saying ‘ohm’! Many men who have discovered yoga are now enjoying the benefits of muscle strengthening and increased flexibility enhancing performance in other sports such as cycling, golf, running and racquet sports.

I am new to the area and yoga – I am nervous to walk into a class alone and as a beginner... is this for me?

Yoga is for all even rank beginners and the atmosphere is always welcoming. We all remember trying yoga for the first time and the non-competitive ethos and atmosphere means that there is always a variety of levels. You won’t be alone at your level and by week 2 the classmates will be old friends and you will be a regular!

My job entails travel and so I cannot make every week at the same time – is it ok to come along on an ad hoc basis?

Practicing yoga regularly is key to developing your postures, so the more often that you can come the better. However if you cannot make the same night a week as long as you can come as often as possible and you can always then practice in between at home and have a one to one to get a personal programme to follow. Coming irregularly is better than not at all – you will soon become hooked anyway!

Can I eat before the class?

Yoga is better practiced on an empty or near empty stomach however as long as you have left a couple of hours since eating a main meal you will be fine. A small snack to avoid hunger pangs and lack of focus after a long day before a class may be a good idea too!